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When I was a young lad growing up in Wolverhampton in the late 40's and 50's, Billy Wright was recognised by everyone as an outstanding and superb footballer. However, he was so much more than that. He was a role model for every kid, whether a Wolves supporter or not. He would always speak when you saw him in the street or on the bus. Imagine sitting next to the Captain of England on the bus! – and he spoke to you. The `tingle' stayed with you for days. Here was a man who had played 105 times for England but was still the likable `man of the people' that he had always been.

KEITH HIPKISS Codsall, Staffs

I never saw Billy play live but have seen clips from various newsreels. it is not his prowess as a player that i write about, but the experience of seeing him one night at Walsall for a night match a couple of years before his untimely death.The night was filthy, raining like mad. But there was Billy signing autographs in the atrocious conditions. No one went without. Bescot had just completed their all weather pitches at the rear of the ground, Have a guess who was there surrounded by kids after the game.Yes, Billy! He was showing a group of youngsters how to bring a ball under control on his chest. it is a pity the modern day player doesn't show the same total gentlemanly conduct. What a true ambassador for not only the team but the town and his profession.


As a young boy my father and mother often told me of the times when they lived in Ironbridge at the botom of Church Hill and how nice Billy was as a boy. I remember going to my first match and standing on the North Bank as an eleven year old, and I have followed Wolves ever since.


My dad, who is now 72, recalls Billy walking across the playing fields at Clargate from his boarding house. Dad used to play centre-half for Clargate United. When Billy walked across the fields the players would ask him to kick the ball back, but he never did and just carried on walking. Clearly, he did not want to injure himself in such a game, but the point draws testimony to Billy's unassuming nature. (Unlike the modern players of to-day).


I am too young to have seen Billy Wright play, but I do know he was a great footballer who put all his efforts into Wolverhampton Wanderers Football club. He is and always will be respected by every Wolves fan.

ANDY PHILLIPS Wolverhampton

I never had the good fortune to see Billy play, but I am proud to have met him. In fact I have a hand written letter he sent me as well. I once wrote to the club and Billy wrote back, which I felt was a very special touch. While Billy was a Wolves board member I remember meeting him at Corley service station on the M6 on the way to Molineux. My friends and I, all Wolves fans, went over and spoke to him. He was so pleased that we were travelling up from Essex to see the Wolves. Billy showed a genuine interest in us and never once gave the air of being the superstar that he really was and will always remain. Although I have lived for much of my life in Essex, I am proud of the fact that I was born in the same Shropshire county as Billy. My Dad and his brothers used to cycle from Wellington in Shropshire to Molineux as youngsters to watch Billy and the great Wolves side of the 50's, and they have told me many marvellous stories about him. He was very special.

ALAN GUY Silver End, near Witham in Essex

England played a World Cup qualifying match at Molineux in 1956, against Denmark on a Wednesday. On the Tuesday prior to the game I went with my parents (life-long Wolves supporters) to the then Savoy Cinema. Sitting in the row in front of us was the entire England team. They included Busby Babes Roger Byrne, Tommy Taylor and Duncan Edwards. I was at school in those days and collected autographs. Just before the end of the film the team got up and started to leave the cinema. Armed with a pen and receipts from the Beatties store, I followed them into the foyer to try to get a few autographs. Billy recognised me, and made all the team sign their autographs on my Beatties receipts. What a gentleman!

BRIAN WALKER Bangkok Thailand (still a Wolves supporter)

I never saw Billy play but I can remember my granddad telling Billy Wright stories. He clearly deserves the legend status he has now.

KEVIN PATERSON Bracknell, Berkshire